Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sheer grey Cardigan with sea blue skinny Jeans

I am a little under weather lately. plus the stress from raising Ds... he brings amazing joy to my life, he also gives me headache more often than just sometimes.

today is not a good day for him. but yesterday was. we went to the mall. he told me he wanted to get more monster truck in the store. we also needed to pick up birthday gift for his play buddy.

I wore my new sea blue skinny/legging jeans. it turned out i did not go with any of the two outfits i put together earlier. i put on this grey sheer cardigan - felt right, and slouchy hobo Marc Jacob bag was a good finish touch.


  1. hah... ain't we get stress from FAMILY all the time.... I guess we torture each other on purpose sometimes and that's what couple and a family do. ha ha ha.. ( That's a similar quote I took from the movies "ps. I love you.") :)

    You look great... indeed. You look sharp and smart. This is my favorite look of you this year!!!!! :)

  2. i got to watch that movie. i saw it a couple of times but passed it for some reason. too many movies too little times. hehe..

    my son is pretty good at torturing me. he is a little sweetest thing, but he is a little monster sometimes. he still gets up in the evening and comes up to my bedside. i have not slept well for more than 3 years! (including pregnancy period)

    thank you for letting me know you liked the outfit a lot. i love your support.

    just want to let you know, i have been reading your blog whenever it is updated.

    i saw your new Givenchy boots in the store, i like them a lot too. the chain on the heels, and pointy toe style - i love pointy toe shoes. the heels are not too high. i think you did very well on those.

  3. hey, girl:

    I guess your son is really attached to you and I must say that only child gets their full attention for FREE!! he...

    And you are very welcome. I read your blog whenever I am on mine too. :)

    oh, yup, you still keep your Dior booties right?! It was a super cute one w/ round toe. This year, I love my pointed Givenchy. Just to get as many variation styles of booties as possible for every outfit. oh..well, I wish I could do that w/ heels but it seems boots are more practical to me. I just talked to Isabel on the phone that I notice girls in LA tend to buy HEELS than Boots. Guess it is too hot to wear boots there. Besides, life style is a little heels must be more practical for the fashionesta there. :)

  4. my son is super attached to me. he takes mommy's attention and tender caring for granted though. my husband worries about him being spoiled. so i am under pressure to discipline ds as much as i could. it is hard...

    yes i still have my dior booties. of course! i paid big bucks for those. i love those, very soft and versatile. i am not sure if i have pointy ones like your Givenchy's- my memory is not as good as it used to be.

    you are right, booties are easier to wear than heels. i have not worn my boots yet, but i saw a lot of people wear their boots already. it is getting cold here.

    I am not familar with LA style. we follow NYC style here. weather gets pretty cold here in the winter. we wear boots a lot. for us mommy, a pair of riding boots are definitely very practical.

    i wore heels with the outfit you like to the mall on Tuesday, and i had to get some band-it in drug store since my heels became sore and red from walking too much. i would not have that problem with boots.

  5. Julia - what a different look b/c of the skinny jeans. You look fantastic!

  6. thank you Betsy! i saw your other comment about the look. - i think you really want to give it try. :) i'd say why not. just make sure wear something loose on the upper body.

  7. You look super casual and fun. It is the look all the modern women should pursue. It is perfect becasue it makes you look skinny. I actually bought very similar jeans when I was in Argentina. I got a buenos aires apartment in Palermo (the fanciest neighburhood) where all the brands are. If you like good quality clothes, go there!