Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another step close to Green

We got a Hybrid car. DH proudly told me he did 52 miles per gallon today.

In another year, we will replace our suv with an electric car.

It is nice to be green. :)

i took a picture of the outfit i wore to the car dealer's:


  1. Julia, how are you? I miss your thread on The Purse Forum. I hope you are doing well!

    Take care,
    Maria (HermesNewbie)

  2. That's such a fancy skirt ... I mean the silky textile. It is so elegant and so you again!!

    So how was your sleep yesterday? I am having sore eyes the whole day and I think I need to take a 20 mins. nap... .. ... :)

  3. HI Maria,

    I am doing ok. thank you for asking, how about you? are you still working in your husband's company?

    i will check TPF later. anything new there?

    have a good Friday,


  4. Hi Rachel,

    that is a silk skirt. i remember my friend in Japan asked me to get the same skirt, but i was not able to get one for her since it was past season item. that is typical thing i used to wear. :) i feel very comfortable in them because i know they work on me. but i like to take some chances and try to be trendy. lol.

    i slept better yesterday. my son did wake me up again last night, i had to put him back to sleep again and felt in sleep in his bed. i dont have sore eyes but i have sore throat. my husband bought me some throat candy. it seems help a little.

    i dont get to take nap any more because my son stopped taking nap since he was 2 years old.

  5. Hi Julia,

    I'm glad to hear you are doing well! Yes, I am still working in my husband's office. We've been busy, but things have slowed down a bit since school started. The children have a four-day weekend so I took today and tomorrow off to spend with them. I really miss being a stay-at-home mom!

    I don't post very often on TPF but I still log on everyday to see what's new.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Julia, it's me !
    I am very happy that you still keep up ur nice elegant style as always; I still check ur blog whenever i have free time ( 15') . I still work at school help the kids with all kind of projects since school start. Fall is here, hope to see u with more fall oufit!

  7. Hey Julia~ So glad you're still updating your blog here. It's been a while since I've been around on tPF and stuff, but I sure miss dropping by.

    Anyway, I was just saying on your previous post that I really liked your skinny jeans look. You pull it off real well. Anyway, now that fall is here, I'm looking forward to all the cold season outfits that you'll be wearing.


  8. HI Ri,

    good to see you!

    thank you for your sweet comment.

    so you have been busy with volunteer work at school. i can't wait to do that for my son when he goes to the school.

    fall is here for sure. i have not really wear a lot of fall/winter stuff. i guess i am not quite ready for cold weather. hehe...but yeah, i will post my fall/winter outfits. i hope i can be more creative and make some changes to my usual style.- since nothing else going to change. hehe..

    see you around

  9. HI Betsy,

    I miss seeing you too. I heard you took a trip to France? how was the trip? any goodies to show us?

    yeah, skinny jeans look seems work for me. i feel trendy when i have it on. are you bitten by skinny jeans trend yet?

    according to Rachel (she gets from fashion magazines i am sure), except legging/skinny jeans, another huge trend is blazer.

    i wonder if i will wear a lot of blazer this fall... we will see.

    have a great weekend!