Sunday, October 4, 2009

from Fall Festival to Art Museum

after a rainy Saturday being trapped in the mall, Ds was more than ready for some real fun time outdoor! we picked two activities for him today. he had a blast.


  1. Now you just reminded me to take kids to pumpkin patch. :0

  2. Yum, that cotton candy looks good! Even though my children are older (9 and almost 6), they love picking out their pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. There are a few close by; we may have to go this weekend...

  3. hi rachel, i am glad you got some idea from my blog. halloween is coming, you got to lay around a couple of pumpkin in the house...

  4. Hi Maria,
    you should totally take them to pumpkin field in a nice sunny day. even they are 6 and 9, they still enjoy things like Halloween...etc, right?

    I had a really good time doing those stuff myself.