Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She Nailed it!

Saks FF event is on. i got 3 things this morning, i hope you all scored big...

VB looked head-to-toe flawless. every pieces on her looks perfectly fit. she used to have these boobs that up to her throat. (quote) when she saw her pictures on the magazines, she was horrified and decided to downsize. i think she made a great move, size B look much nicer on her slender frame.

GP's look is chic and out of ordinary. who would think to pair a tulle pale blue dressy skirt with rocker style booties and casual portrait tee? and it worked fabulously.


  1. I like qwyne and just recently watched her movie: Two lovers. I believe.

    oooh, now that pic. gave me some inspiration and thanks to you, sis. I have that *look* of Y-3 sneakers and maybe I can find some pencil skirt w/ a chic tee/tank to mimic her look. :)

  2. Hey Rachel,

    I dropped by your blog yesterday and got newest scoop about your life. i am sorry things with in laws became a bit tense. trust me, it is not avoidable. especially when you have argument with dh. it makes them become irritated because they think their kids are better or righter than you.

    after i read all of the comments posted, i had an idea of what it was about. i think you are just agitated in general because you lost your privacy with in laws at your home. but i understand they came from a far away country, it is fair that they stay for more than a month.

    look at these two outfits i posted. the first one is like typical me, the second one is like typical you. haha..

    can't wait to see your version of the second look.

  3. Rachel,

    I just checked out your blog. I love your Birkin -- it is beautiful! Have you had it for very long?

    Sorry to hear that things are tense with your in-laws. It can be stressful having in-laws staying with you. Hang in there!

  4. hah...sis, you are so so *darn* right...hum..about my intense feeling AND the preferable look of rock chic. :) *hug* to you~!!

    Hum..this afternoon my friend (yu) told me taht she wants to get Alexander Wang military inspired boots (like Gwyne). Since Saks has FF event so maybe w/ 20% off deal, that boots ($695?) is a not bad deal. Well..I don't think I am going to get it at this moment...maybe if YU does get it, she will enable me. haha...

    Oh, it seems you have some difficult time w/ your son. you know, that's probably your in-law spoiled him when her stay. :)

  5. Hi, le:
    How are you, dear?
    I know I really need someone talk to especially someone OUTside my family!! You girls are great...I have talked to my friends on the phone, blogs...and that really ease my uncomfortableness these days!!!!

    Oh, I got that Birkin this Aug. for my birthday. Not long ago!!

    Yep, in-laws are leaving this Sun. and i can't wait to get back in touch *physically* w/ my gals. haha.. I need hugs from all of you!!!! :P

  6. HI Rachel,

    yup, i think you have rock chic in your style!

    you should totally get a military inspired boots like GP's because they go well with your style and wardrobe. her boots are Burberry's.

    i do have difficult time with ds because i worry too much and i am not a laid back person in general.

    my MIL has nothing to do with Ds being spoiled. she came and lived in our home for her own issues.

    i i am the one that spoils Ds. i need to slow down and put a lot of boundaries on him.