Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Stuff 2

Saks gift with purchase. the free bag looks nice in the picture! doesn't it? very roomy too...

military green henley top (one of husband's favorite color);
M Missoni scarf neck top

Splendid ombre top. my first time buying the brand, my impression is it runs small/short. quality is ok though.

i am keeping these clogs. simply because they are comfy. and i need more clogs so in the hectic morning i can just kick my feet in them and go!

animal print doesn't go out of style. it is a classic, like white button down shirt and trench coat. Tiger print is not as popular as leopard print for some reason...

dark lip color is in trend this season.


  1. Nice buys Julia. As always you are looking so chic and elegant. The tiger print? dress looks stunning on you. Under missoni scarf, is that a dark grey top or a dress? Looks nice. I love the color.

  2. thanks Claudia,
    i think tiger print is also sexy, leopard print is sexy and cute at the same time.

    it is a black top. i have just the right skirt to go with it... can't wait to wear it. have to wash it first.

    have a good weekend

  3. Your new purchases are always a source of inspiration. Those clogs, for example, are the most beautiful winter clogs I've ever seen. And you look stunning in the leopard-print dress.

  4. Hi Anna,
    i did not see your blog being updated from my read list (blogs i follow). hope everything is good with you.

    thanks for your comments. those clogs are cute, aren't they? they are not pricey, which is a good reason i love them even more. :)