Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Gathering at Minado

four couples with kids gathered in Minado restaurant today.  it was a lot of fun. good time always goes by fast.

after the lunch, we found ourselves in the mall. it was not as crowded as Black Friday, but it still took us 20 minutes to park.

four family was separated in the mall... it was very difficult to be there for long with kids. with a stroller and a rental kid's car, we managed spending 3 hours.

 at the last minute, i decided to wear my new fur vest.  the tall boots i had on were only 1.5' heels because i knew we would have a lot of walks to do today.  and my husband was not going to be with us.

my fashionista son  will be a lady's man when he grows up.  in this picture, he was carrying Linlin's LV bag and looked very natural with it! hahaha...

we asked him to hold her hand and have some pictures taken. he was shy at the first...

gosh, they looked so cute together... look at her very fashionable outfit.  inside that hot pink suede coat with fur scarf, she had a pink/purple leopard dress on.

  B was very happy with his outfit today. he asked me to take some pictures before we went out.

i am proud of B for the quality he possesses at such young age - compromise.   he gave up his red car so everyone was happy. 

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  1. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, but it's nice to see how much fun you and your family are having this holiday season! You manage to stay stylish even in the cold! I've always imagined you having to carry heavy coats around b/c of the weather but I guess you can leave it in the car when you shop indoors. :)