Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

we don't go to the malls or stores on Black Fridays. I did some online shopping as usual. Husband decided to get some stuff for his hobby after lunch. 

luckily, the store we went was not super packed. it was full but not unbearable crowded. something i noticed, while husband took his time shopping like a woman shop a new purse,  i did not see any other Asian in the store, and the huge store was full of people (White and Hispanic).  it is very unusual because you always see a lot of Asian in the stores and malls. btw,  we were at Bass Pro Shop.

like father like son.  it seems lil B likes shooting too.  his daddy is very good at it.

there will be no surprise lil B grows up loving all kinds of outdoors activities like his daddy.

a couple of hot Patriot cheer leaders were selling their bikini calendar in the store...

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