Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Shopping Started

Monday is a good day for us to shop. Not crowded in the mall, B doesn't go to school.

A nice stranger took this picture for me and B.

B took this picture for me in the restaurant.  I looked tired, even under the make-ups. I need to go to bed earlier!

B got mommy's outfit in the picture, but not her head.

then he got a close shot of my leopard print silk blouse.

we got a whole bag of stuff. most of them are for B.  i got a shirt from J.Crew - my very first piece from the brand!  i was there to get some sweaters for B... he did pick a few things. they have additional 30% off on sales items.


  1. Julia, what a great picture of you and your son!

    I've been trying to get through my Christmas shopping as well, but still have a couple more things to buy.

    I look forward to Christmas and New Year, but it is always such a busy time of the year! Time just flies by!

  2. every year this time around, i feel strongly how fast time flies by. time doesnt wait...

    xmas shopping is not as overwhelming to us. we dont have to buy gifts for a lot of people including siblings. for my mom, i give her money. so we just have to worry about ourselves and my in laws. most important gift receiver is B. it's all about him.

  3. Hi Julia, I like your necklace and your whole attire.
    I saw a brown leopard print chiffon top in the mall today and was wondering if I could carry off animal prints.
    Perhaps I should get a colour like yours as it is less "loud" as a brown one I think..

  4. thanks Dreamloft, good to see you again.

    i think you can carry off animal prints. you are slim. i am not fond of plus size people wearing tight animal print.

    grey animal print is very subtle. it is a safe place to get started... me too, i don't want to dress 'loudly'. sophisticate is my goal. i like attention and i don't like attention...

  5. Hi Julia,

    Already Christmas time, I can't believe. I do love this time of the year, I can't wait for school semester to be over so I can start getting ready and putting up my christmas tree etc.

    I love your outfit, the leopard print silk top is gorgeous. Your face look a bit sad/worry on the second pic? Hope everything is well ...probably is just me...excuse myself.


  6. oh btw I love the new look of your blog. Very pretty and according for the season.

  7. yes, Claudia, you were right about my looking sad/worry in second pic. It was difficult week for me: B was sick. he had some sort of belly virus... he was very unpleasant to be around. i was stressed out. i enjoy him but he is a pain sometimes. i felt drained that day...

  8. Hi! Love the leopard shirt and so cute how your son takes your pics! I can't wait until my daughter can do that! :)

  9. thanks, Pearlsangreentea, :) i just visited your blog and i like your style! your daughter will be able to take pictures for you soon! little girls are much better at it than little boys...