Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Side swept hair is on beauty board

sadly i dont have long hair now.
here is 2 old picture of me in side swept hair.
picture 1: skirt: TB; sweater: RL blue;
bag: Chanel
picture2: dress: Alberta Ferretti;
shoes: Jimmy Choos

* to see the details, please click on the pictures for large version.


  1. I love how romantic the Alberta Ferreti dresses are. Over the years, I've tried on different ones but it just doesn't fit me well. You carry it off nicely. If you hair is too short for side-swept hair, how about doing a side-swept low pony tail (perfect for summer) and channeling Lauren Conrad. LOL.

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  3. they are romantic and pretty in my eyes too.
    we dont see a lot of AF dresses around.

    thank you for your compliment.
    i hope you find one fits you soon.

    i saw LC had her hair cut short too. she looks good in short hair.

    i think my hair is too short for side pony tail...

    (p.s. i wanted to correct a couple of places in my first comment for you. i guess they dont have edit function for comments. :)

  4. Hi Julia
    How are you ? It's been such a long time I have not seen you, glad to find you here.
    Love your styles as always...

    Little Fish

  5. hey Little Fish!!
    so nice to see you again. actually i saw your picture on wardrobe forum the other day...

    how is everything with you? how are your kids doing? are you still doing auditing work in your big nice office?

    let's keep in touch

  6. ok, Julia: I gotta say i miss your classic hair style...please grow it back!! No, just kidding!! I love these two pic. of you very much as you really glow in those two pic. and I see the confidence too. :)