Sunday, July 5, 2009

good time on 4th July

this outfit made the cut to the pool party at our friend's house.

Top: Just Cavali
shoes: Prada snakeskin low heel sandals
bermuda: AG
white messenger bag: shanghaitang

i tried this cooling BCBG dress at first but my husband thought it was too dressy for this party. ** you have to click on the pictures to see original size. i was wearing YSL editor eye shadow. they made my eyes looked nice. heehee...

Mia, my husband has rock-star thing inside him. He has 4 pieces of tattoo on his body- yes, they are real tattoos. two big ones on his arms. his boss, the one in the water has biker thing inside him. he likes to play with his Harley (motorcycle) in his big garage, and dressed up in black leather jacket and skull accessories at his spare time. he is in his early 50s! hah. they work very hard. but they play hard too.


  1. Hi! Julia, It's Gueancla (tPF). Found your blog site through your tPF thread! What a great idea for u to have a blog. I luv BCBG dresses too. But agree with DH can be a bit dressy for an outdoor pool party. You look lovely and chic in jeans bermuda and JC top. I'm sure you were the most fashionable at the pool party :-)

  2. I just sent you a private message at the same time! what a timing.

    i must have a radar connected to you!

    Thank you for your sweet words as usual.

    ok, i am not going to lie, yes, i was fashionable among other ladies - they are all mommies, no single girl in this group. they lead a busy life juggling from work to the kids. i think that cut their time to take care of themselves.

    but one thing bugged me was my top. i did not put on a right bra, the bra i was wearing kept peeping out! ohhh. frustrating. sometimes i think i should just toss on a big t shirt.

  3. hi julia! love your outfit.. bermuda looks great on you and your shoes is pretty.. =) i like the way u dress up, unlike some out there who dresses so loud..

  4. Hi Eve,

    How are you? Thank you for your sweet comments. you said it, I try to find the balance when i get dressed. dress well but still blend in the crowd is my goal. :)