Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures from magazine

Carmeron Diaz has the widest grin; she also has my dream shoes.
(click pictures to see details of the shoes)

hopefully her dainty shoes bring her some good luck in the relationship department.
* just read about her recent heartbreak with a Maroon 5 singer.


  1. Julia, I love your prada shoes..they are TDF!!!
    What brand of shoes is Cameron wearing?

  2. Ooh! Julia! I love both pairs of shoes! Pierry Hardy does some nice shoes from time to time. BTW, what brand is the shoes on the right? I love that black + gold strappy slingback!! It is such a chic & glamorous pair! (Do you plan to buy both? :D)


  3. hi littlefish,

    thank you for leaving a comment here.

    the ones on the left picture are Pierry Hardy. you can find this brand in Barneys New York. but i did not see these particular shoes.

    the ones on the right picture are so unique. i have no idea what brand they are. but i bet this style will be very hot!

  4. Mia, we love the same style shoes! yeah!!

    aren't they hot or what? i fell in love as soon as i saw them. Cameron Diaz always has the best taste when it comes to the shoes! i wish to have her shoes closet.

    i dont know the brand name of the shoes on teh right, yet. i will find it out!

    i definitely want to get the second pair. because they are also very trendy. i bet you will see a lot of similar style this season.