Friday, July 31, 2009

NM mid-day Dash

I have been receiving emails about this NM Dash thing, and one day last week, I happened to be there (in front of the computer around 12:00pm), and scored a couple of things before it's ended.
They showed up yesterday - what a disappointment! I realized this Dash thing is a way of getting rid of NM's non-popular stock.
*oh,btw, what i got from NM Dash were: a LaRok long sleeve top, and a Majorica pendant necklace. I did not take pictures for them because i did not like them.

Today is a raining day. After DS and I had one of our cars checked this morning, we headed to the mall. I am glad I returned the stuff to NM so quickly, which means i will be getting my money back sooner. And of course, i bought some new stuff while i was in the mall.

here are the stuff i got today:

the first one is Ali Ro chiffon silk cami. it is such a gorgeous piece. I noticed this brand this year, I think very highly of their design and quality.

the second group is CavinKlein;

the last group is Marc By Marc Jacob.


  1. Hi! Julia,

    I agree about the NM Midday Dash. I had browse a copuple of times but nothing. I don't even bother to check these anymore All are left overs from the sale.

    I love all your buys casual but chic. Ali Ro I love this designer as well. I have few tops that bought at Dillards. They carry this brand as well and you can't believe when they go on sale you can get up to 75% off tag price.

  2. Hi Claudia,

    happy weekend! thank you for your visit and comments.

    I won't shop from NM Dash any more. it is a waste of time.

    one thing about my new buys is that i will wear them. this will be one important measure when i think about buying something new in the future.

    i have not shopped in Dillards. but i know they have some good sales. it is good to know they also carry Ali Ro. I bought my new top at 60% off.