Friday, July 3, 2009

a fun day at pool today.
tomorrow we are going to a friend's house for another pool party.
4th July is all about splashing fun!
** someone please tell me how to make the picture look bigger here.
you need to click on the picture to see larger version. hmm..sorry


  1. Is that your son there with your husband? Your son has grown so much since I last saw his pix a couple of months ago! And is that a real tatoo on the arm of your DH? Nice pool there! Is it a private pool inside someone's house or a public pool?

    We took Mason to the outdoor pool too last week. Kids really enjoy the water so much! He doesn't want to go home! Hahahaha!

    Too bad I don't know how to swim (and I don't dare wear a swim suit coz of my chubby figure..LOL). I can only watch my DH and Mason from afar and be their "assistant" to fetch them the water and sunblocks and towels...hahahaha!


  2. yes, it is my son and my husband leaving the pool.

    my husband has a lot of tattoos. 4 pieces in total - well, for a engineer manager in a serious work environment, that' unusual. he has a rock star in his heart.

    it is a nice big pool but not ours. it is one of the pools from the private club we belong to.

    same here, i dont like put my head inside water either. i enjoy floating in the pool once in a while with my sun hats on, haha..

  3. When uploading the pics choose the image size as large, hope this helps. BTW, cute blog and lovely family.