Monday, July 6, 2009

a day on the beach

summer is all about outdoor for my son. Today, we went to a lake beach and spent 3 hours under the hot sun.

my son had a blast.
to him, sand + water = heaven.
to me, it means more sun tan and sun spots on my face.

when he told me he had a good time, i felt very rewarded.


  1. Wow! That water is insane! So pretty.

  2. yeh~~ I thought you are in Dubai. You know that dome thing in your backdrop. :)
    Oh, your white top against the clear blue sky is divine!!!!
    Where is it this wonderful place?

  3. Hi Chloe and Rachel,
    it's really a heave like place. it is out of this world. it's a resort in Cancun, Mexico. they have two most gorgeous swimming pools that look like connected to the ocean. you can rest on the edge of the pool and look at beautiful ocean drinking your cocktails or beach underneath. it is hypnotizing...

  4. Julia, this is my favorite picture of you. (And I always think you look great in all of them) Wow! you look so easy breezy. And that view is simply breathtaking.

  5. my husband takes good pictures if he wants to. i just have to ask him all the time, he doesnt do it on his own!