Saturday, July 18, 2009

Outfit for shopping appliances

per my husband, shopping on Saturday is a waste of a beautiful day. Today's weather report said it would rain(..till now it has not rain!), so my husband decided we should go shop around for kitchen appliances. we want to update the rest of the appliances to stainless steel. they go better with the wall color my husband just painted in the kitchen.

before we got out of the door, we told each other that we were just going to shop around and collect information this trip. But as it turned out, bang! as always, without exception this time, we went ahead and made purchases at the second store we visited.

it seems our life is just filled with too much shopping. it makes us feel unease sometimes...

although, the result of shopping is so delightful. looking at the expression on my son's face when his daddy putting together a remote Porsche car toy I bought him yesterday... that moment was priceless. even it was with a price tag.

my outfit of the day was about a tailor made silk blouse.
shoes: Fendi;
bag: Giuseppe Zanotti
city shorts: TB;

*click on the picture to see the details of the accessories and the blouse.


  1. Hi! Julia
    loving your whole outfit, you make it work so well together! You look so chic and very summer appropriate :) White is my fave color for summer.

    Aww...what adorable picture of your son and daddy. This reminded me of:

    Today, I went see the new animated movie "Up" (which I highly recommend). I saw in particular a lot daddys with their kids watching the movie. Which was so cute.

  2. good evening Claudia,

    thank you thank you. white is my favorite color in summer too. you can't go wrong with white in the summer, it goes with everything!

    my husband is born daddy material. he is very patient and good with children. he pours his time and everything else (lol) into my son since he was born. i like that since that's my son too, i like the fact my husband is extremely devoted to our son.

    we watched the movie 'Up' when it was out. It was also my son's first time to a movie theater. he did well. but we still prefer to watch movie at home, just more comfortable and relaxed.

    back to the movie, yes, it is a cutest little kids movie! we loved it. we will watch it again after it goes to blockbuster.

    the world changed to a much happier place after we have a little boy in our life. there always fun things to do. and, lots of work to do! lol

  3. hi julia! i agree with you.. my life became more meaningful because of my boys.. The movie "up" is still coming soon in theaters here in the Philippines.. we'll definitely watch it. nice outfit! ur so pretty! ;-)

  4. thank you Eve for your flattering compliment.

    you will love the movie. it is a wonderful movie with a great value in it. don't forget to bring a box of tissue - i better stop right here. dont want to spoil the movie. hehe...

    enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  5. Julia: Shopping w/ Dh is great as I can enjoy it and w/o listening to his nagging. haha..

    Yes, I like your today's ensemble too but you might need shop for couple more threads of pearl necklaces..or make one yourself. :) The pearl necklace seems a little too plain w/ only one string on the pretty baby blue top.

    Well, sure, most of the time that money can buy everyone happiness!!! :P

  6. i can't believe i resist the temptation of buying this YSL!

  7. Hi Rachel,

    i dont shop with my dh for my own clothes. we shop everything else together. my dh has no patience to shop for me.

    i have several strands of pearls, in different length and sizes. i chose that smaller ones because i thought it went better with the outfit. more subtle... since the outfit was between dressy and casual.

    you got that right: money can buy everyone happiness most of time! it is a big truth. especially in this country.