Tuesday, July 21, 2009

fashion do or don't

9 years ago, JLo made an entrance in a green, sheer, barely-there Versace gown with her then-boyfriend, P.Diddy.

I wonder this Korean actress was thinking JLo's famous green Versace when she wore this sheer burgundy 'dress' on the Korean red carpet.

there is a major difference though- JLo did not show her underwear in that green gown, while this Korean actress showing her big white underwear and bra strap like no one else's business! lol

on the side note, i found a piece of nightgown in my bedroom looks like her dress. (picture on the bottom) hehe..


  1. Yikes!! That is definitely not in the same caliber as J. Lo's dress. And *definitely* not the same as Halle Berry's Elli Saab dress from her Oscar year. What's this lady thinking?!

  2. oh i totally agree, there is no comparison between her dress and JLo's/Halle Berry's.

    she should just cut the sleeves off, and wear it in the bedroom. ditch that big white granma underwear and get something sexy. haha..