Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Style Weekly

Today is Wednesday, so we did our routine and went to ECO for DS' pre-school program.

this time, they told a story about caterpillars. a few different kinds of caterpillars were showed after story, including a form of new-born, and a big African caterpillar. DS always fascinated about these African caterpillars living in a case of the museum, today he finally got to look at it very closely.

the picture of DS was thrilled by the things he stacked together in Eco Museum. :))

**This outfit worn by Jessica Biel was highly rated by stylists. It was published on several places.

I love it too. I even ordered an identical thunder blue cami in order to copy this ensemble. It's back ordered and will be shipped to me no later than 8/11. At the same time, I ordered the white one of the same style. It is a great piece for creating an effortless comfortable chic look.

I have the same color skirt in my closet. Here is a picture of me in this skirt last summer. Biel was carrying a denim Prada tote in the picture. I dont have denim tote, but i have a denim shoulder bag. I am thinking about using my Tod's tote though, which has the same casual vibe as this Prada tote. Now to the statement necklace... I have some necklaces from my current collection that i think i can create/make something alike. hmm.. sounds like a fun project to me!


  1. Your son is getting big!!!! :)

    She has an amazing body...that look is indeed effortless chic. :) Can't wait for your version!!!

  2. yeah, he grows a lot this summer. he is pretty tall for his age.

    Biel has a great body. one of the best in Hollywood for sure. i dont know about her lips, something not right. her upper lip is totally flat or something. i wonder she and Timberland will get married?

    i will take a mod pic as soon as i receive the cami.