Monday, July 27, 2009

2 more DVF dresses

Betsy has asked me about my new DVF wrap dress.
I really like the first one, a wrap dress. I will take a mod pic for it soon.
not sure about the last dress, it is a new line of St. John- SoCa. It's supposed to reflect south California style. hm, definitely very colorful.


  1. very colorful dresses, but i'm sure they present a different feel once you put them on. can't wait to see your modeling pics. :)

  2. aren't they colorful or what? i will be very easy for my son to find in the crowd. lol.

  3. Oh I love this dresses a lot. I'm with Betsy can't wait for modeling pics. I particularly like a lot the DVF dresses. i've been tempted to buy the DVF wrap dress but they seem a bit too long for me. I guess I can always alter but sometimes like in your second dress I'm not sure because of the border on the bottom of the dress. And a lot of their dresses are like that...hmmm

  4. DVF dresses are nice. have to be selective sometimes...

    the hemline of dvf dresses are normally above my knees. they certainly look shorter on models. lol.

    these days, the look of short dresses are very in.

  5. I bought this dress from BCBG yesterday at the store:

    I am going to try on DVF dresses next time but I'm almost sure they might be too long on me...I'm only 5"3"

  6. wow that is a pretty dress! you can wear it to work and outside work.

    i am not much taller, i am about 5'5.
    i believe you will find some of dvf dresses are right for you. she put out so many dresses each season...