Monday, July 13, 2009

pictures from Life&Style Mag.

I used to read Asian fashion magazine such as Cancan (Cam-cam?) and Ray-Li . Now I read Life&Style, People, Vogue, Glamor and W.

from recent Life Style mag, these two pictures left me with some thoughts.

Picture on left:
Eva Longoria in neutral jumpsuit, Louboutin platform, and A fuchsia croc Birkin
what a perfect ensemble, Bravo!!

picture on right:
ok, i know this type outfit is very popular these days. but i feel the acid ripped jeans Ashley Tisdale had on is too much. it's ugly, period.


  1. Hi, Julia: How are you doing today?

    Love reading here for an updated of celeb. style, as I am hibernating for f/w collection..:)

    Yes, I agree, Eva is simple glamor but Ashley is like too much eye catching stuff going on on her. I wouldn't say the jeans are ugly but maybe she could carry a less fussy bag (clean cut or simple color) would do better?!!

  2. hi Rachel,

    I am doing well today. i am about posting a episode of the day.

    why are you in a hibernating mood for next season collection? i am getting some catalogues and they give me some ideas...

    yup i totally agree with you about her bag. it looked awkward there.

  3. Hi, Julia: oh. ... must the way I typed..I mean I am waiting for fall/winter to come to SHOP!! :)