Tuesday, July 7, 2009

stay dry in the mall

New England's sky must be broken. It has been raining raining raining half of the time since the spring...

we changed our plan and opted for option B: the mall. My son ran crazy in the mall with his friend. finally i had enough after i lost him and found him in lady's room.

it was not a great day for me.
I met up with 2 chinese moms. I told them i started a blog. when they asked for the link, i said Ok. but soon after i said that, i knew i would not give my blog link to them, because i am about to judge them here.

we are chinese women; we are moms - that's the only thing we have in common.
I think, to them, a good life is for their kids to have in the future. And everything else goes from there...

life has a funny way to teach you things. when i was with my mother, i wanted to be opposite from her. when i was with my chinese mom friends, i want to be different from them. they are like my mirrors.

oh i received my romper, unfortunately, it doesnt fit well. i thought about altering it to make it work but decided it's not worth the trouble. so i will have to make a trip to ups store this week.

the below outfit was what i wore today.

top: MBMJ
bermuda: RL blue label
belt: Micheal Kors
Shoes: Burberry
Bag: Gucci
scarf: Emilio Pucci
watch: Michele Watch with little diamonds around and a red gator strap.


  1. Hi Julia -- I'm sorry to hear that the romper didn't work out. Perhaps you'll find another one somewhere else. Sometimes, it's just not worth the effort and extra $ to get something altered and fitted unless you absolutely love the item.

    I'm intrigued by your comment on the other moms. Besides friends that I've known for a long time, I find it difficult to be good friends with other moms around me. Many of them are also very child-focused and pay little attention to themselves or their personal growth. That's why I have found ladies like you, Izy, Mia, Rachel and others such inspirations because we don't have to look terrible and not care for ourselves just because we are moms.

    Anyhow, I know I've mentioned before but I really love your Pucci pieces and hopefully, I'll own one someday soon.

  2. Hi Betsy,
    I think i may just give up finding a romper. summer shopping is about over. i am more look forward to the fall/winter stuff now.

    i am glad to hear that i am not the only one to feel that way. you know what it is, going down hills is much easier.

    busy take care of kids, gained baby weight...etc. are good reasons but you can definitely change it by putting time and effort.

    i just saw some pucci scarf on saks that similar to the one i wore today; but the color are not very flattering. i have to add, this style and material is very suitable for summer use.

  3. That Pucci scarf is beautiful! Holy shmoly.

    I can't say much about moms, since I'm not one. Er, I'm a mom to my puppies but that's about it. And that's about all I'll ever be. :D

  4. hi Chloe,

    the color combo and pattern is pretty. it adds so much to a outfit. i am assured again about this purchase. i used the gift card my mother in low gave me on my birthday. so i consider this scarf is a gift from her. :)

    i totally understand not every woman have kids. my husband was very eager to become daddy, he said we would have to adopt if we did not success.

    i am all set with one child.

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