Friday, July 3, 2009

I tried to make this picture bigger, and no success.

you have to click on it to enlarge it.

Top: Pink Tartan Duchess ruffle front top.

Pants: Theory;

Belt: Fendi;

shoes: SW

Clutch: Prada


  1. Julia - the red belt is a nice pop of color to a classic look! i have a magenta/fuscia belt that i've been using a bit more as well these days, esp when I dress pretty casually. the clutch looks very smooshy and soft.

    what else is on your list for this sale season? i have to admit that i've been trying to be good this time b/c i have a big trip coming up in august and i better save some $$ for the trip.

    anyway, it's nice to have a blog that we can come by and chat about whatevers. i see mia has also started to update her blog too. :)

  2. Hi Julia!

    Another elegant ensemble. Good choice of red belt! Hey, I've never seen this Prada clutch before. Is it from previous seasons? The squarish gem-stones are really cool and it looks so soft. It's a great match to your outfit rather than a shoulder bag. Good choice! These days, I'm so lazy to dress up...don't know why. That's why I haven't posted ensemble pix for ages at the mommy's thread. Hope I can get some inspiration again when I start going through my new loot.

    BTW, what is "SW" for the shoes? Sorry for my dumb question coz I'm not good at abbreviations...hehehehe. It looks like a Mary Jane style you have there..right?

    Oh...for the enlargement of pictures, I think it depends on the size of your original picture. So, if you post, try not to resize your picture at the very beginning. See if this works. I tried that on my blog and the pix seems a bit larger. I also used the "attach" function directly from the files in my laptop rather than the "direct URL link of picture" function. Then, when the attaching process is done, there you will see a bunch of "html code" which starts with "<" and "a" and ends with sign "a" and ">". Just copy and paste the whole bunch of codes to the area where you want the picture to show. That's how I did mine in my blog. Or maybe our pix size is small due to the setting of our blogs too? I hope Rachel can chime in....hehe. She's afterall a computer science/programming major, right? LOL!!

    Oh...and I might as well write it here. I like the print on your MCQ shirt. The colors are really vibrant. Can't wait for your modeling pix.

    Have a nice weekend!


    *Wave* to Betsy! How are you? Hey...why don't you start your own blog too? We'll be your first readers. :D

  3. you two are experts!

    the prada clutch is soft to hold in hand! and there is a layer of gloss on the leather. gem stone adds more glam. yet this clutch is nothing flashy. Prada does it as understated luxury.

    Mia, for a long time, i was not in mood to play with my new clothes and accessories. this weekend, i got some motivation again. you girls are the big reason. we should courage and support each other like this and be a stylish mommy.

    I agree, the print on McQ is fascinating, the skull is put together by many beautiful hummingbirds!! how smart and talented! it is pricey for a tank top, but i fell for this design.

  4. HI Mia,

    SW means Stuart Weitzman. It is a mary jane style in a conventional way. a little bit like Rachel's red Sergio shoes. you know , the one everyone bought? like Wai and R's friends...

  5. *hijacks and waves* Hi Mia... I'm tooo lazy to start a public blog. I've had a private one for years now documenting mostly parenting and boring mommy stuff... I have too much fun just checking out you ladies fun blogs. :) Sorry, Julia, for hijacking!

  6. You are gorgeous! And I love this entire outfit. I keep meaning to try Theory for pants since I hear such great things about them- yours look fabulous on you!

  7. Hello Chloe,

    Thank you for the comment. It made my day. I am glad this is what i read in the morning.

    If you work in the office, Theory pants can be one of wardrobe staples. you have to try them on. one of mine did not come with belt loops, and it got loose on the waist- i will have add some loops myself...

    have a good one