Thursday, July 2, 2009

my new white Shanghaitang Messenger.


  1. Ah ha...Julia: like you said, this place is for you, your fashion and kid/family diary. I am glad you have a place for yourself too!! Congrats.

    Oh, the white bag is refreshing and again, it is YOU. I love the brass braiding HW.

  2. Hi Julia - I'm here! I'm having a difficult time following all the threads on tPF these days b/c I tend to spend too much time catching up. Anyway, it's great you have a place of your own like Rachel, so we can drop by and check out all the eye candies.

  3. Hi Julia! It's Mia here. Found your blog site through Rachel's blog! Congrats on your own blog! I like your new Shanghai Tang bag. It looks so soft. Is it made of lambskin? I esp. like the flower decorations on the chain. So unique. Congrats!

    **Wave** to Betsy!! Long time no see! Hey, you should start your own blog too! I love reading blogs these days...hehehehe!