Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Fun Day in Ecotarium Museum

Today I planned to go to NM to pick up a pre-sold DVF wrap dress. By the time we came back from Eco Museum for a late lunch at home, cleaned up and had naps, it was too late to go out again. i also planned to take a mod pic for the outfit i wore today (must do it tomorrow). i think guys liked this outfit ... it was very 60s.

we have joined this pre-school program for about a year, i never took pictures. today i finally did it.

picture 1:
kids were listening to a story about owl. after the story, the teacher showed a real life owl and taught kids some factors about owl. I learned something new too.

picture 2:
DS was with his buddy by a little pond looking at fish, turtles, and shrimp - i think the pond is for the two otters they have on the corner. the lady in the picture is ds' friend's mom. she is the same age as i am.

picture 3:
aww, this is one of my favorites. it makes me laugh every time i see it.
the exact same time last year, ds was 1 year 7 month old then. it feels like yesterday. they say, when you have a child, the day goes by slow; and the year goes by fast.

in that picture, ds (in no clothes but his diaper, lol) put on one of my shoes and stood in front of mirror, and mimic what i was doing. -he is always a funny and happy baby. he has the most amazing smile.


  1. What an adorable picture of you and DS in front of the mirror! I want to see the wrap dress when you get a chance. :)

  2. You look amazing here, very stylized look. Your son is the cutest. What a memorable picture of you and him.

  3. Ooh Julia! I just saw this! I love your picture with your son in front of the mirror! This picture is just priceless! 1 year 7 months?! The same age as my son right now! Wow..your son is so tall for that age! Do you see he has long legs and long arms? Wow! He will be a 6-footer for sure with killer smile! :D

    And I love owls! My son loves an owl story too about 3 little owls' waiting for their mummy owl to come back. And your preschool is so nice to have a real owl to show the kids! Amazing! We don't have that luxury here. I bet Mason will be so happy to see a real owl!


  4. Thank you Betsy!
    i am smiling right now by looking at that picture. hehe...he is such a funny baby.

    i did pick up DVF wrap dress. it fits very well. I will take pictures soon.

  5. HI Claudia, thank you for your sweet compliment for my son. he brings tremendous happiness to our life. no wonder they say children are blessing. we could not imagine our life without him.

  6. oh! so Mason is one year younger than my son. he is a tall kid. all legs and arms. my husband is 6 feet tall and slim built. he has been consistently 95% tile on height; 30% tile on weight. in the States, average height for man is 6 feet. so he will be above 6 feet tall per his growth chart.

    this preschool program show all kinds of animals after they tell the stories about them. one time, they showed a real snake, my son was scared. last Wednesday they showed a small size owl, he loved it very much. I bet Mason will like that too. you should move here, we could go to all kinds of kids places together. we would love to show you and Mason around!