Tuesday, July 14, 2009

just another day...

My job is to make sure this boy enjoys his little beautiful life.

it was a good day in general. there were a couple of things went wrong like most of the time. this time my son fell down and bled on his knee again. it ruined the rest of the pool day of course...

since i had given birth to my son, i dont feel comfortable to wear just bikini any more. luckily, there is such a thing called swim skirt. voila - my life saver. I went online and bought a couple tonight.

problem and resolution exist at the same time.


  1. OH, yes, kids enjoy Tepayaki very much....they normally fascinated w/ the flame.....haha.... My kids all do.

    Your little one is so handsome...do you think he looks very like you each day??!!

  2. Hi Julia!! Haha..I like how you started with "My job is to make sure this boy enjoys his little beautiful life." I feel that this is my lifetime job too! Being a mom is all about hardwork, dedication, creativity and patience. We have a tough job here!

    I must say this again. Your son is so handsome. Does he have light brown hair? What color are his eyes? (Sorry if I missed this, but what's your son's name and how old is he again?)

    So, he doesn't go to any playgroups or classes yet now? My son started early, joining all sorts of playgroups and baby gym since he was 4 months old. Now, he's attending pre-nursery classes since he's 18 months old already.

    Well, I think playgroups/classes are not mandatory though. Even if babies/toddlers don't go to playgroups or classes, they are equally happy and learn everything from their daily activities. They learn fast. I am amazed at their abilities to learn. They are genius!

    Congrats again on such a beautiful and cute son! Take care!


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  4. Like Mia, I also liked the first line of this post. Definitely need to keep that in mind as I take care of my sons.
    Your son has such an adorable and bright smile!

    p.s. had to delete the last comment to fix a typo... they should really allow editing :)

  5. Hi Rachel,

    ds is actually afraid of flame. he is not most daring kid for sure. he got that from me. i took him to this japanese steak house down the street yesterday. just me and my little man. i loved it.

    nope, he still doesnt look like me...

    he got brown eyes, which is same as mine. if he have gotten his daddy's eye color, which is blue, people would guess i am his nanny or step mom. lol.

  6. Hi Mia,

    you know very well what i felt when i said that! lol. I could not explained it the way you did though.

    Nancy (milkshake214) feels/resonate it too.

    so that's us, and our life to be a mother.

    yes, my son has light brown, redish hair. he is now 2 years 7 months old. please dont laugh - his name is 米白龍

    he goes all kinds of classes/groups. we dont call it school here. kids go to pre-school at age of 2 years 9 month. so he has not enrolled one. my husband and i dont plan to send him to one of those. the program is not much to it, just playing with other kids.

    kids are like sponge. i am constantly impressed by how easy and fast ds can learn!

    thank you for your lovely compliment. i really appreciate it. a mother could never hear enough blandishments about her kids!


  7. HI Nancy,

    thank you for your first comment here.

    I am so glad you like what i said. i need to remind myself sometimes, that i am doing this for my son, it's not about me any more.

    i have been doing so much outdoors since summer that i got very tan. but my son enjoys sun, water, sand, and bugs/birds/plants...etc. There is no way around it. hehe..