Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Keep or Not to Keep?

This morning, DS and i woke up by door bell along with a brown box.

I knew what was inside the box... without much suspense, there was, pale/peachy pink LV shawl i ordered the other night. Not very pleasant for me to find, the person who packed the box left her trace by a piece of black hair (click on the second pic to see)beside the pink shawl, hmm...

it is such a color (not as fresh in person) that it doesn't make me fall in love at the first sight. I wonder if i should make a trip to their store tomorrow.

and i should waste no more time and start enjoying a very sunny warm day outside the house now!

(* the front of the scarf is better looking than the back. still, the picture on LV website looks fresher)


  1. Tylisa,
    ok, i listen to you. i am keeping it - thank you for your input. :) xoxo

  2. I would keep it. The color is perfect still for spring and you can wear with any printed outfit :)

  3. How pretty -- I love it! Sorry you found a hair in the box with your gorgeous new scarf. Yuck!

    How are you Julia?

    Take care,

  4. Hi Maria,

    I am doing fine, thank you for asking.

    oh i dont know... after i saw your saying the hair was yuck. i am swinging back forth again. i think i better return it tomorrow. be done with it.

    i hate to think this scarf was a return from someone. a hair of other person beside the delicate pink scarf is not a good picture to look at and digest for me- i must admit.

  5. Hi MadsaboutU,

    shopping can be a unpleasant thing sometimes... i must admit this scarf has been on my mind a lot today. i guess it's not meant to be. my imagination ran wild about the hair...ugh..

    it is so hard to shop!

  6. I'm sorry, Julia! Please don't let my comment change your mind about the scarf. It is a beautiful scarf! If you love it, you should definitely keep it! Perhaps they can exchange it for one that was not worn? The hair would definitely bother me a little bit but that's just because I am germaphobic. However, it is a gorgeous scarf! If you love it, don't let the hair bother you.

  7. it's ok, Maria, it's not your comment that changed my mind, trust me. i think the color is not as flattering in person as the picture on LV website. i am going to exchange it for some other color today. or even something different, we will see. i will report back.

  8. Hi Julia!

    Quick note...

    Sorry i'm going to be the minority here...but I'm not feeling this color. Of course... I might be missing to see the details/color of scarf as I'm not seeing in person but this color does not call my attention for spring. I love the pop of color on you.

    And yes we should expect perfection from LV. we pay a high price for their products and packaging should be handle with care and love. I'm totally with you, I'd exchange it for sure. I'm so picky when it comes to that too.

    I can't wait to find out what is your final decision.


  9. I would definetly keep it . hmm i dont know if my judgement is clouded by the fact that its summer here wher i stay ! but its beautiful:)

  10. Yes i know what you mean, I for one hate returning stuff but if it really bothers you, go ahead exchange it for another one, one without someone's hair on it. lol

    It wouldn't hurt to get something in another color either. Do they have that in gray? or light blue?

  11. Hello My dear Claudia, :))

    your comment reminded me of my other online friend, Ri604.

    some people just click. it feels like you guys know me too well.

    yes yes, for a scarf, a pop of color/fresh color scarf is my good friend.

    and yes, i should not compromise my expectation to LV's quality and service. as a book (why luxury lost its lust) revealed, LV's profit margin is as high as 11 times more than its production cost (as it never goes on sale). NUTS!! i am sure a lot of other brands are among the same category.
    (* i would like to have detailed list of what production cost includes though)

    thank God, i have not got to the point that i will cover up my eyes and just buy something because it is a status symbol... i made a trip to the store this afternoon.

    i am going to write a mini story and post some new pictures tomorrow.

    see you later
    good nite -xoxo

  12. HI Vintage Obsession,

    thank you for your input. it is a beautiful scarf. very delicate looking. i like delicate things. i dont think i can pull of the color though. it is a much better fit for dark skin, to bring out the color and make nice contrast.

    i guess that was the reason i purchased the scarf that it felt spring and summer. but the truth is, it looks better under a dark winter coat.

    i have my eyes on a blue scarf... i will get it later.

  13. HI MadsaboutU,

    oh i am totally with you on returns. i try hardest not to return anything... once i returned a bag in some department store ( i won't reveal its name here because i understood why they did what they did to me), it was large value item. so SA called the manager, two women managers showed up in 10 minutes. one of them looked up my record on the computer, she raised her voice, and said to me, you just dont like what you buy, do you?! look at these many red notes on your account!

    they track my shopping and return history very well. i felt bad because i did not think enough before i shop. after that, i changed a lot. the $$ amount i spend become less at the same time because i am very cautious about buying something that i dont know about.

    this all happened due to internet shopping. i never had this kind of problem before internet shopping. i usually can decide right on the spot wehn i see the merchandise, without changing my mind later.