Sunday, March 7, 2010

McQ Scarf & Clear lucite Necklace

Today is not like a typical winter day in New England- it's sunny and warm (around 54F degree!). We caught the last day of Nature and Science in Bloom exhibit in one of the kid's museums. Breathing fresh air and walking in the woods felt really good. I smelled Spring.

I was not sure what to wear for the activity just a few minutes before we left. I had a lot of outfits on my mind but at the end, i picked a pair of red shorts. hm, this was the last time i dressed up this red shorts though - a white graphic tee shirt will be her best friend in the future.

in the museum, i accessorized the outfit with an Alexander McQueen angel wing with skull chiffon scarf, and a pair of flat riding boots; at home, i experiment the basic outfit with a M Missoni vest and SW mary jane heels, my new buy, a clear lucite necklace was the finish touch.

*click on pictures for close-up


  1. I heart the clear necklace!
    And the flowers look amazing, we had an orchid exhibit by our area last sunday, my DH and DD went without me because I was stuck at the library studying :(

  2. Hi MadsaboutU,

    yeah, the Lucite necklace looks nice on a casual outfit. no wonder it is in trend now.

    you should totally get one, they are not expensive at all. between 60$ - 200$ in most of the stores. saks has one by Alex Bittar, very cute, $300 something..

    i love orchid. there are some orchid in the exhibit we went, i wish i have some in my house.

    my husband will have to stuck in library or home studying when he starts his master program this Fall...

    it will pay off for sure. :)

    have a productive week