Saturday, February 27, 2010

Floral Lace Tights

New lace tights turned out to be a great choice. DH was surprised I didn't already have something like that in my tights collection.

We shopped, we ate, we played... just a regular Saturday out of many others. When we were watching a family movie (Cloudy with a chance of Meatball) tonight, I remembered those Saturday morning DH and I walked to Blockbuster from the apt we lived for 2 years in downtown. Parking is always crazy in downtown. One time, we came out of Blockbuster and could not find our car... it was towed because we parked in front of a dumpster for 10 minutes!

Time Flies...

our life is not exciting, but it is solid.


  1. You look hot! Love those tights. :)


  2. Thank you Initialed.

    I love to see more fashion related blogs. thanks for giving me the link of your blog. i just checked it. I like your easy, casual chic look.

    I understand what you were is hard to have a good modeling picture taken outside. you need a good photographer, and husband no longer plays that role well. haha...

    hope to see your comments often.

    enjoy the rest of the weekend

  3. thank you Maskenlady.

    I checked out your blog - I love your style! can't read the language, but i like what i saw.

    enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. I had to check out what tights you were wearing, they're sexy!

  5. Thank you MadsaboutU!

    the tights are DKNY. a nice surprise indeed.

    your blog is lovely. i will go back for your new posts in the future. :)

  6. beautiful love the lace work on the tights :)

  7. Thank you VintageObession!

    your blog reminded me of the movie i just watched recently - "The Namesake". It is a very fine, touchy movie about the first and second generation India family in USA...

  8. Chic and Sexy!
    I love this outfit and these tights are definitely a great choice.

  9. Thank you Anna,
    when i left you a comment this morning, i meant to say i like the lighting fixture you and BF got from Ikea. but then your tights looked nice to me too, so i left that way. :) i was in a rush in the morning.

    i wish i could have my pictures taken the way yours done.

    good nite

  10. Hi, Julia!

    I love the lace tights! How have you been?

    Take care,

  11. Good Evening Maria,

    thanks always. i am doing well. DH is kinda sick since last Sunday... i think he caught the same virus DS did. again, i am the only one have not got sick.

    i almost bought some clear (Lucite/resin) trendy necklace today but hold back...i dont see myself wearing baubles on the neck.

    talk to you later

  12. I like you in your new hairstyle!!! You look fresh and chic.