Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mixing New and Old

*click on pictures for close-up.

After seeing this beautiful outfit from Oscar de la Renta 2010 spring/summer, I thought of one of my old sweaters. It is a silk/cashmere hoodie sweater in the same pretty teal color (as the Oscar de la Renta shorts) . I wore it with my new MBMJ black cuffed shorts.

the beige shoulder bag is Marc Jacob. booties are Givency.


  1. How are you doing Julia?

    Oooh!! I love how you've mixed the strip pattern of your top and the pattern of your tights!! It makes your whole look very interesting and eye-catching! And I love how you've opted for a beige bag. It's a nice pop!

    And the picture I love most is with your son!! It's such a sweet picture with him holding your hands.....again, your son is very handsome!!! :D I wish Mason can stand still and hold my hands when taking picture! So hard to make him stand still!! LOL!!

    I finally updated my blog and wrote a long travelogue for my Burma trip. I think I've uploaded almost like 100 pictures...LOL!! Take a look at our pretty Wai over there when you have time. :D

    Take care and have a great week!


  2. HI Mia,

    thank you! i am doing well. my main computer was attacked yesterday. i hope it will be fixed today. my husband began to fix the problem last night after watching his hockey game on tv.

    i read your new post yesterday morning. i haven not got around laeving a comment. but i will do that soon.

    hope you had a fine CNY with family!


  3. Hi, Julia!

    How are you? This has been a busy week so I have not been able to post. I love that outfit on you! Have you made any purchases lately?

    Take care,

  4. Happy Friday Maria!

    thank you for asking, My son got sick so i am little worried. other than that, i am doing well.

    i posted my new buys after reading your comment. hope you like them.

    have a great weekend with family