Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One of My Sewing Projects

my engineering background hubby taught me how to use sewing machine 2 years ago. I enjoy doing a sewing project once in a while.

So my project was this this long wool skirt mom gave me years ago. I only worn it once or twice in the course of..let's see..7 years! Because long skirt has not been fashionable all these years. and since it was given by mom, i have hard time to give or donate it away.

If long skirt ever will be in trend, I still have quite a few others sit in my closet as back-ups. my hand was a little shaky when i cut the skirt though. what if it doesn't turn out well?

result is not bad at all. i did not take mod pic before i altered the skirt, but i found a mod pic from my old files featuring a similar skirt.


  1. brilliant!! And you look hot... then you know, I don't like that long skirt look of you that much.... your DIY new skirt has my vote!!!!

    You should keep that kind of look more often!!! :)

  2. thanks Rachel. i think you are totally right - the short skirt looks better than long skirts, some girls can pull off long skirt but not me. it makes me look outdated.

    i just cut two more things in my closets. i will show the result soon.

    btw, i was worried that i did not see you online for a long time. it turned out you were busy with your V Day party.

  3. Hi Tam,

    Welcome to my blog. thank you for leaving me a short note. :)

    I checked out your blog, it is a well written, lovely blog.

    hope to seey you here often,
    have a great weekend