Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion on Ice

I don't normally stay up late as DH prefers everybody go to bed at the same time (9:30pm -ish). But I got to break the 'rule' when Men's figure skating competition was on last night!

It was so beautiful to watch. Both Evan Lysacek and Johnny Weir's performance gave me goosebumps. and of course, the swanky Russian gold medalist, i always love watching his flawless skate - but he lost to Evan last night, our new king on the ice!

I could not miss out on Evan and Johnny's designer costumes last night. so tasteful, elegant, artistic, flattering... far better than any other skaters from other countries. johnny's angel wing suit reminded me of my McQ chiffon wing and skull scarf...

i have not put on any fashionable outfits lately since i was going to play dates with DS all week. you just don't dress up in those occasions.

my new white booties (in the last picture) look like skate shoes, haha.

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