Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shopbop finds

Rachel, are you still looking for a pair of cool oxford(doesnt hurt they are on sale now)?

this black wool jacket is 70% off

influenced by Rachel, i got a pair of white booties too


  1. I did look at that pair oxford before but thinking of getting different color since I already have navy costume national... Thanks for thinking of me!! Oh..btw, today i and Yu did see one pair of TAUPE oxford which is so so pretty of a color but it is still $400 after sale!! :( Well, keep looking I guess!! :)

  2. Hi R.,
    taupe oxford sounds good. what brand are they? still $400 after the sale - must be a good pair.

    i hope you find a pair in a reasonable price.

    i should take my time and look around more before i jump too fast, especially when the sale is good.

    from what i ordered yesterday, i am already regretting the E&J jacket. first i never got anything from this new brand (created by Olsen twins); second, those pleated hem are not very cool actually. what was i thinking?!

    i asked for a cancellation. hope it's not too late.

  3. Hi, Julia!

    My Internet access was down again for several days so I am catching up on your blog. All of your outfits are great as usual! Your son is such a handsome little guy!

    Take care and have a great weekend!


  4. HI Maria,

    I missed you. i have not seen you for a week, and wondered where you were.

    thank you for your comments. i admit i am super proud of my son, and super super in love. he is cutest and sweetest. i love getting up bed with his beautiful face in front of my eyes in the morning.