Friday, February 26, 2010

Need to Tune Down

I have been hoping to have many friends to share the same level of fashion interest with. But reality is that i must tune down to create a comfortable harmony a lot of times.

last year, I was lucky to get a small classic flap in claire at $800 (old pricing plus 20% off for new card holder) something in Bloomingdale Chanel store. it was a lovely little thing and looked good on . but next day, i already had second thought. it was too small for any occasions (in my case any way), but it is not a clutch ... i returned it right away.

i still need a cute beige bag after i returned that small classic flap. this year, i saw this chanel-look-like piece by Marc Jacob from Berdorfgoodman. it is a perfect size and very user-friendly. it is not a cheap bag, but it has what i want most - a low key bag. i won't feel bad if DS puts his dirty hands on it (he did it already on my first wear), and i wont feel uncomfortable to carry it around because it is not a showy bag.

weather is bad these days. DS caught a belly virus, he started to become sick yesterday.
i took some pictures of my new buys (except the black medium classic flap)...


  1. Hi Julia,

    Great bag! I'm sorry to hear your DS is sick. I hope he feels better soon! My DS had a stomach virus earlier this week.

    Any fun plans for the weekend?

    Take care,

  2. thanks, Maria.
    DS feels better today already. He just had a Dove chocolate ice cream bar, and in a happy mood. He wants me to take him to super market to get another monster truck. but the snowy weather makes me hesitate. so hard to say no to him.

    we will go to the mall to pick up some wedding gift for brother in law. so far that is what's happening... we will see.

    see you later

  3. Hi Julia,

    Beautiful MJ bag. The chanel bag is simply gorgeous. I wish you had keep it. The price on those bags now on days is crazy. I only wish to buy CC bag for that price.

    I really hope your cute son get well soon.

    Oh your blue prada bag is lovely. The color is very pretty.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. HI Claudia,

    I was going to send you a email and ask you where have you been lately.

    are you still working on your master degree?

    occasionally i thought about that little small flap... did i let a great deal slip?? i sticked to my decision every time. i like chanel very much, but this little white bag is not very useful at all. Ri604, my online friend gave me the same advice on this bag.

    i agree, chanel bag price has gone to the roof. it just won't stop increasing. i wonder when i will be buying another chanel bag. i have their classic styles already - rarely use them but feel good to have them in my possession.

    good to have you back,enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  5. Thank you for asking, Julia :)

    I'm doing well. I’ve been extremely busy this year. Between school and work, I barely have any time free.

    I'm glad to be able to come here tonight to read your blog. I always enjoy it. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Btw, you look stunning in the pictures above. Wow, did you cut your hair? Whatever you did.... you are looking fabulous my dear friend A+++++

    Have a good night!


  6. my husband is going to get a master degree too. he warned me that he will have very little time for us once that starts. oh no...

    thank you for noticing my hair. i had it cut short to shoulder length for a change.

    good nite

  7. oh Claudia,
    my son seems recovered from his belly virus. he just had a hair cut today too...with DH. it looks like a country boy's haircut. i think i will take him to his regular girl for his city boy's cut in the future. hehe..