Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift

Last year Valentine's Day, I got a red PST (+ a black wallet). I've never seen such a beautiful and appropriate color for Valentine's. it was a no-brainer, love at first sight choice.

This year, I got this blue Prada satchel/crossbody bag after days of thinking. ... originally, i have 4 bags on my wishlist (the other three are jimmy choos, CL, and Chanel). just yesterday, i finally made my decision on this one! - as difficult as rocket science. ugh...


  1. oh my god...what pretty bags! i'm OBSESSED with the red chanel. what a pretty shade of red!

  2. thanks, Tam. i am glad you love the bags i picked. the red pst issued from last year Valentine's Day is very yummy, i think there is a little coral tone in this red. i have not seen this red again in chanel. their red flap this year is a pretty red too...

  3. I just got a red PST this year! ;p

    Love the style and colour of your blue Prada! =)

  4. oh i must go to your blog and check it out. is it the same red from last year?

    the prada bag is a simple and practical bag, i love its color - one of the prettiest blue out there this season.

    have a great weekend

  5. Dreamloft,

    I went to your blog, and could not see pictures of Miss Red. it's showing X to me. i tried to leave a comment but failed.

  6. Such lovely bags, Julia! The red Chanel is simply breathtaking and the Prada is such a gorgeous blue.

    Have a great weekend, Julia!

  7. Hi Julia, I have just made some changes to my blog settings. You should be able to view and comment now.

    I think mine is a 2010 Cruise red. Since you got yours much earlier, I think it should be a different red...mine doesn't have a coral undertone. But in anycase, I think both red are niceeee.. ;p

    Do show modelling pics of the blue Prada? I have this thing for bags which you can hold in in your hand and has a longer strap to sling over the shoulder/across the body!

    Its like paying x amount of money but you get more mileage (different looks) out of it!

  8. HI Maria,

    thank you! i am a happy camper now that i got a blue bag as i planned. what's on your wishlist this season? i thought about a hermes crossbody bag, but i did not see anything on their website i like.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  9. Hi Dreamloft,

    I saw your PST. it is a different shade of red and she is very pretty. i also left a comment this time.

    yes, i am thinking about how to debut my miss blue. i got some inspiration yesterday when i reading NM catalogue - a cool outfit they put together to showcase Jimmy Choo 'Ragmyn' hobo in turquoise (which was one of the bags on my wishlist). It is such a stunning color, with python trim all that... i wish i could get it too. (most likely not)

    yeah you are right. crossbody option of this prada bag made the cut. it gives easy casual chic vibe to outfits. which i really need.

  10. Happy Chinese New Year to you too, Julia!

    I am excited to hear that you are thinking about getting an Hermes bag! Did you see the Eveylene on the Hermes Web site? That is a great crossbody bag. I am thinking about getting one myself. We are going on a cruise in a few months and I need a bag that will allow me to keep my hands free.

    I have so many things on my wishlist this season! I've been planning to get an Hermes belt for at least a year and I think I am finally going to take the plunge and get one. Also, I would like to get a nice watch this year. Do you have any suggestions?

    Take care,

  11. Hi Maria,

    Yes, i thought about the Evelyne messenger bag. just the other day, i saw a lady in her 50's dressed in silver/light grey sweater with a orange Evelyne. she looked easy chic.

    but i dont like the color options of navy and orange ( i have a orange LV bag, i have hard time to pull it off) they have on their website now. i think they also have taupe-ish in large size... i dont know, i just dont feel it for myself. i am sure some day down the road, i will get a bag from hermes.

    i saw a stunning hermes scarf yesterday from NM, i am so wanting to order one.

    as for watches, i dont have much good suggestion. - i did not do too well in that department myself. i bought several good watches because i liked them, but later, i regret i did not get something with bigger name worth keeping for years. the next watch i want to get is another fun, fashionable watch for my summer outfit.

    i used to want to get a Rolex rose gold with diamond watch, and Cartier tank, but have not done that.

    enjoy the weekend

  12. Hi Julia,

    Are you near an Hermes boutique? They may have more colors and sizes to choose from. I hope you do get the scarf! I am thinking about getting a Twilly or pocket square for my hair.

    I am seriously contemplating getting either a Cartier or a Rolex. Right now I have a Movado watch as well as one from Fendi. They are nice enough, but I really would like something that will become an heirloom that I can pass down to my DD.

    I meant to tell you that I saw a Burberry trench coat yesterday for around $400, marked down from $1000. I didn't get it and now I'm regretting it. I may go back today and see if it's still there.

    Take care,

  13. HI Maria,

    yes i am not far from a boutiue, about 30 miles drive. i am going to get that blue h scarf on NM the Book of March...

    i would choose a Rolex over Cartier. a really simple cartier tank solo cost $2300 now. i am not sure how it adds to this much. it is just a very basic watch. it is simple and elegant. still, not $2300?!

    that burberry coat you saw was at 60% off! you should grab it for sure.

    if you decide to get a cartier, call Berdorf goodman, they won't charge you tax unless you live in NY. ship free too.

    i am going out for dinner soon
    see you

  14. Hi Julia!!

    Just want to drop by and say 新年快樂,萬事如意,心想事成,身體健康!!

    Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day too!

    Congrats on your blue Prada! It's a very nice color indeed! Looking forward to your modeling pix.

    As for Hermes messenger bag, Evelyne is a good choice. I've tried that in several sizes and colors. I think the following color looks nice:
    - navy color (bleu de prusse or bleu abysse)
    - red (rouge garrance or the new bouganvillea color)
    - muted yellow (curry or soleil)
    - camel color (alezan or gold)

    Oh well, I think I'll buy an Evelyne messenger some day. Birkins first! LOL!

    And I'm so intrigued with the H scarf you mentioned! Do share with us when you've bought it...(I feel like you're going to buy it....LOL!!!)

    Anyway, all the best and take care! We are busy here during Chinese New Year. Have to to go several places to "拜年". Mason already got around US$2000 red packets!! I miss my childhood! LOL!

    Speak soon!


  15. Hi Mia,

    Same to you: 新年快樂,萬事如意,心想事成,身體健康!!

    I am still waiting for your picture of your trip to Burma and H and C loots... but i totally understand you are swamped by Chinese New Year. it is the biggest festival there.

    I will probably wear the blue prada bag next Tuesday when we go to the mall for some family activity and shopping. stay tuned.

    among those H Evelyne colors, i'd go for Camel. i wish i had lots of funds for more bags. lol

    you should totally check out the new blue H scarf from NM The Book March issue. it is stunning...i am super tempted.

    i need to ask my mom for a big red packet. she will send me one soon i hope. and she is the only one gives me red packets now!

    hope to see your new posts soon!