Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Khaki Jacket

We go to the mall every Tuesday for Family Fun Time in the morning. After 1 hour Sing Along today, we ate in the restaurant and played with other kids at the play ground.

Most mommies dressed comfortable and casual. I spotted an Asian lady in her fur vest outfit. I did not try to stare at her too much. It seemed she pulled it off. I still have not purchased a fur vest. somehow i have the impression that this is a short life trend.

my odj today is a khaki wool jacket. i added a green Pucci scarf for a pop of color. i have another green scarf- i wore it with my Armani jacket last year, with a pair of dark rinse jeans and knee high boots. comparing two sets of mod pics, i thought to myself, nothing has changed really...

life is very peaceful for a stay at home mom. I observe other mommies around me, some truly enjoy their time with kids, some are just there with emptiness in their eyes, and some look tired and depressed... no one says it is a glamorous job. but no matter what you choose to do, -enjoy the ride. especially with kids. i know i am not going to have another one, this is it - my one time experience.

*click on the pictures for close up.


  1. I like this outfit!

    Hey, you know I have been hesitating on the fur vest too. Doesn't help that I'm living in an all year sunny season. But I was thinking if I should buy and keep till I travel in the future. I can wear in then..

    Still, I'm sitting on the fence.

  2. Happy Weekend Dreamloft!

    i am not going to get a fur vest this year for sure since the winter is going away...we will see next year. it is not bad of an alternative of fur coat.

    if you live in a all year sunny place, i dont see the point of getting a fur vest. it looks very warm, but your arms are not kept warm... winter in the place like Florida can be chilly for a few days.

    enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hee..its not so much for functional purpose, more because of vanity. I don't usually travel in bitter winter season..usually still chilly spring time or autumn.

    I buy quite alot of light trench coats and I wear them when I travel in spring/autumn season out of my country. But storing these otherwise not practical stuff can be a chore really. Afterall, I don't exactly live my life out of a suitcase. GRrrr

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