Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas Buffet at Cafe Fleuri

We had a holiday gathering at one of my favorite places, Cafe Fleuri in Langham Hotel Boston.

An hour after we made home, a blizzard started...

holiday dressing requires some sequin, red, gold...
I saw a lot of ladies wearing sequin.  I had some gold ones on my sweater pocket.
I also chosea a red Zac Posen bandage knit skirt.

B had a matching brown corduroy pants with daddy. he was wearing a Burberry cashmere sweater i got 2 years ago. 


  1. Hope the road condition is ok now. It was all over the news in Hong Kong these two days. I have not seen snow for quite some time.

  2. Good to see your comment here! Tung Yin

    yes, the road condition is ok today. everything is back to normal again. It was a bad storm though... hundreds car accidents, some houses on fire, some people lost power (electricity)...all flights canceled...

    the climate is definitely changing now. in our area, the weather in summer become very hot. old house dont have air conditioning because it was not needed. but now, you got to have that.

  3. this looks like it was so beautiful and fun. i love your outfit. you look so well put together and radiant!!

    Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
    twitter: @kristyelena

  4. Thanks Kristy!
    I put a lot of La Prairie Soft Glow Loose Powder on that day. it gives your skin this natural glow... :)