Saturday, December 11, 2010

Earthy Neutrals

 I like bold colors. but lately I am drawn to earthy neutral colors when i get dressed for the day.

a close up for my outfit and - a new bag!

i dressed very casual at a kid's birthday party today. you are not allowed to wear shoes in this pumped-up world. Being fashionable is not first priority at place like this.  my army green skinny cargo pants indicated my effort to be trendy there.  i looked awkward to have a picture of myself taken there -because every other adult there only took picture for kids or with kids...

diligent daddy drinking coffee non-stop. hahaha.. most of fathers did not even show up.  B's daddy has a lot of stuff to do actually, and a lot of hobbies, such as shooting at range on Saturday.  but he simply would not want to miss any thing any time being with his son, watching him have fun.

B's first picture with Santa this year. i think he likes the idea of Santa Claus, but he doesn't feel comfortable being close to him in person!  hahaha..


  1. Julia, I really like your sweater and scarf! The scarf looks so warm and cosy!

    I have been so busy running around, buying Christmas gifts and trying to pack before our trip. Stressful times, to say the least :o)

    Every year we go back to visit our families back home and spend New Year with them.

    So I'll be leaving next Friday, but I'll be sure to check back here again before that.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Hey my friend,
    thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on this post.

    both pale pink and winter white scarves were soft and warm. you must choose cashmere for scarf in the winter. no other material can provide the same feel on your neck.

    i guess you and family will go on a international trip? it is stressful - i know it very well. i hope everything go well with it. and you have a happy time during the trip.

    check back again, before then, please have a good packing and shopping time.

    enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    xoxo -J

  3. I like bold colors too. This outfit is so chic. Love your new bag.