Wednesday, December 29, 2010


we toasted our 9th Anniversary today at The Palm.

Today is also one of my friend's wedding. Too bad, we could not be there for her. Wish her the best at a spectacular Indian wedding in Mumbai.

that was me with a not-so-happy face.  B always looks good in pictures. Husband never forgets smiling in the pictures. 

desert time!  is that why they are so sweet?

he likes a good piece of steak.

i like a good piece of cheesecake

...and red wine

my seared ahi tuna

...and Monday Night salad with some raw anchovy in it. 
i got some raw seafood in my belly tonight. so far, no belly ache.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You two look great together!
    love your bag, it goes great with all of your outfits