Monday, December 13, 2010

Leopard Print Skirt

A lot of shopping to do during holiday season. Today, we went to the mall and bought some stuff for B.  as for myself, I saw a bag i like in LV store. later i got it from their website.

i really like how these shoes look on my feet.
being a practical person as i am,  i changed to a pair of comfy shoes before we went out.

B wanted to take a picture with Santa in the Mall, but the line was too long.... last year, we did it. but it turned out he had shoes on wrong feet in the picture. i should have double checked.  Until this day, he still wears shoes on wrong feet sometimes.  like today. he asked for his stroller as soon as he got off the car. i was surprised by that request because he stopped using stroller a year ago. no wonder! - he had shoes on wrong feet! 

got some xmas PJ and slippers from Hanna Anderson. i will take picture of B in the cozy outfit on xmas day.

got him a pair of dressy shoes for his school holiday pageant.


  1. LOVE THE SHOES! The entire outfit it killer! You are so talented!

  2. thank you Sherry for your amazingly flattering comment! :) it made my day.