Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Shopping: RL Woolly Plaid

Giving friends little something on xmas is nice, no?  I don't expect gifts from others except mom and husband, one big reason is that i know i will be heading to the mall next. To Chinese, to owe friends' favor is a big deal.

Before me and B rushed to the mall, we took pictures for each other in front of xmas tree again...
I can't describe how lucky i feel having B. He is very attentive to his mommy. and he is very patient with this mommy. he is like a daughter I always dream of. but hundreds of times better in many ways.

B likes those tasty fruity warm tea in the mall.  when he is thirsty, he would go over to the tea house and 'try' some samples. hahaha...  one of these days, his mommy has to buy some tea from there.

husband likes plaid shirts very much. i get one or two per year myself.  this year, i got this woolly plaid shirt from RL Blue Label.

this picture was supposed to be the best among total 8 attempts by B, but it turned out fussy.

close-up of the shirt.

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