Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

DS's Easter weekend was made by his sweetheart NaiNai (Chinese for grandma). I wish NaiNai could see the moment he discovered his Easter goodies basket by the door!

Same thing with last year's Easter. I found some pictures from my 2009 picture file. Everything sent from his NaiNai makes him ecstatic. It's like she knows him too well. there is a connection...

Picture of me in: DvF dress (2009 spring/summer collection) + Chanel classic flap medium.

(* the last picture: 2009 Easter goodie basket sent by NaiNai. )


  1. Julia, your little boy is precious :)

  2. The DVF dress is a classic. Now you need a fur shrug!! That Chanel is another highlight of your ensemble!! LOVE it!!

    Your son is very you teach him both Chinese and English?? OR can he at least speak Chinese too?

  3. Hi MadsaboutU,
    thank you lots. i should remind myself my son is very precious every minute. i just yelled at him this afternoon (he cried), and i regret it right away - because he did not deserve that one. he really is a good boy, i need to be better for him.

  4. Hi Rachel,

    thank you for the comments. yes i need a fur shrug. i will look for one. i like the fox fur vest you and your friends got, i wish i could get one too.

    i try to teach my son chinese, he doesnt like it much. when he dresses up nice and feel cool, he will say in front of the mirror, 'hm, i am American!' he knows his mommy is chinese, and mommy's friends are chinese, and their kids... he would not think himself as a half-chinese. i think he is still too young to understand.

    i plan to send him to chinese language school during the weekend when he is older.

    how about your kids? do they speak some chinese? it seems easier when both parent are chinese.

  5. I love your DVF dress, Julia! It looks perfect with your Chanel bag. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter! It looks like your DS got a wonderful Easter basket!

    Take care,

  6. yes, Maria, we had a great Easter weekend. very relaxing and enjoyable with our boy.

    have a great week!