Friday, April 30, 2010

DvF Animal Print Dress

We went to the mall today. I was going to pick up a slow cooker, but i changed my mind before I entered Macy's. Instead, i got some make-ups from Shiseido. 

My Shiseido SA is a very sweet, nice Korean lady. She married to a Marine service man and moved to the States... has two beautiful children, son is a lawyer and daughter became a doctor.  She enjoys her job as a make-up SA.  she always takes her time playing with my son, and makes conversations with me.

Every time when she sees me, she would come out from her counter and check out my outfit from head to toe. She told me she liked my today's outfit.

The nude color shoes and the Marc Jacob bag are a good match, but i am not too sure nude pumps look nice against black sheer stockings...Before we went out, I opted for a pair of lower heel, brown pumps with pink heart on the front- they reminded me of a pair Chanel shoes from last winter.


nude platform pumps by Claudia Ciuti


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  2. Thanks for coming by, Lace. :)

    i just checked your blog again and i did not follow you yesterday. i followed two person yesterday, i thought one of them was you. sorry...
    i am going to do that now.