Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Build an Outfit around One key Item

i have this Elie Tahari silk/lycra skirt for a year, I decided today is the day to wear it - it's unnecessary to buy new stuff when you have many unworn in your closets, no?


  1. Hi Julia, I absolutely agree! We should always try to wear all our new clothes first before we start shopping for another one...seems easier said than done though, haha. I remind myself that I am doing it for mother earth, which is part of being an advocate for REDUCING...ahhh.

    About your DS not learning Chinese...mine does not speak anything but English either, the moment I get mad at her, I blurt out my dialect and she tells me "speak english!" I think it's too funny. My father is Chinese, I never learned it even if I went to a Chinese school, I even have a diploma for it!

  2. Hi MadsaboutU,
    i think the same. reducing the quantity, buy less at highest quality i can afford. by doing so, i contribute less trash/waste to mother earth.

    i am trying to share my heritage with my son. he has to learn some chinese and my culture. there are a lot of great value in our culture, he could be very benefited from it...