Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Festival

It was more like Summer Festival yesterday. I tried to stay cool, but in the afternoon, i felt a little dizzy inevitability. Is it Global Warming? 97 degree on May 1st in New England!

Hot weather did not stop little B enjoy moon jumping.

Lunch break with mommy

when a man loves his dogs and lives with them for a long time ...tongues out at the same time! lol. It's hot, all right. 

this is my 宅女 outfit of today (i stayed in after our morning exercise in the gym). cotton blouse was from japan, and silk boxer was from HK... i forget what was like to travel by myself. whenever i woke up from my day dream, there was my son right by my side.

i got this 25% off Coach coupon card. If anyone plans to get a Coach bag, please let me know, i will send it to you asap.


  1. Hah, the 宅女 outfit is interesting. ;p

    You used to travel a lot on your own?

  2. LMAO on your 宅女 outfit comment. Your DS looks so cute, as always. :)

  3. HI Dreamloft,
    thanks for saying it interesting. i try not to be too slob at home. :D

    yeah, i used to travel a lot on my own before i married.

    when i was in college, i traveled to places by my own during school breaks, occasionally with friends; i did not travel much when i was working. none of my jobs need me travel; the first year of moving to the States, i swifted a lot too. I first arrived at CA, where i thought i would enroll a school did not work out, after that i traveled to 2 other States and finally enrolled in a school in FL, there i met my husband. but he got a job on east coast (where we live now) later, and i had to stay in FL and finish my school. so i had to travel back and forth to maintain a long distance relationship...

    once we married, no more travel on my own. :) and once i had my baby, never a moment by myself.

  4. thank you Betsy!

    i watched recent two episodes of 'desperate house wife'. what a child becomes has a lot to do with his/her mother. my son is very lucky - both me and my husband are super devoted to him.

  5. Looks like a day of fun!

    I'm curious... what does 宅女 mean?

    Take care,

  6. Hi Maria,

    宅女 started in Japan first, i believe. it means a woman likes stay indoors. doing internet, games, reading...sort of things.

    i am out most of the time from 9 to 4 for my son's stuff.

    just ordered two books from amazon. hope to receive them soon.


  7. DS has grown so much! He is such a handsome and sweet looking boy :-)

  8. thank you MaiTai! kids grow too fast. i just saw a actress (couldn't remember her name)snuggling with her new born on TV. i really miss when DS was that little...