Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashionable little B

at Playground

little B got some new clothes today, he obviously likes this Diesel top 'Turn up the volume'. he asked me cut the tag for him right away so he could wear it.


  1. hah...I see now you are into kid's fashion? Both outfits are cute. In fact, I like the green vest and tartan shorts on your son much better than the two outfits.... :)

  2. R.,
    the whole outfit on my son in the picture are from Jane and Jack. he does seem pull of that style well. :)

    i get to dress him for very few years, i am going to enjoy it to the fullest. haha..

    have a happy weekend with kids,

  3. really cute outfits! your son is adorable!

  4. thank you Mona! he is a little cutie pie. he is sick today though...