Wednesday, May 26, 2010

H Scarf: Jardins De la Nouvelle Angleterre

(*please click on the pictures for scarf details...thanks)

i was not planning to get a new scarf, but could not resist this beautiful piece when i browse H website.

it is like a painting.  my heart sings when i look at it.

the details are amazing... house, pond, birds, little animals...tranquil - that's the word pops in my head when i look at it.

today is super hot. the A/C was broke in Museum. we suffered a lot. little B did not seem bothered by it, he enjoyed a good time with his friends. it made the hot suffer worth a while...


  1. Beautiful scarf and the RM bag from previous post is a great addition to any bag collection. RM just sent me the purse I had them repaired and it looks good as new! Now I am looking to purchasing another one from them because of the great service I received.

  2. Lovely scarf, Julia! It looks like you've been bitten by the H-bug! ;-) Maybe a new bag will be your next Hermes purchase??

    Take care,

  3. Love your new Hermes scarf :) It does look like a beautiful picture - You made a good decision to take that beauty home^^

  4. Hi MadsaboutU,
    are you back to town from your vacation?

    thanks for the assurance about the scarf and bag.

    i did not know RM repair their bags for customers. that is very good service! i can tell they are doing well in the market. :) i like both my RM bags. they seem pretty sturdy. not mention the style, very practical yet chic.

  5. Hi Maria,
    thanks. i seem bitten by H. i did looked their bags... there are still years to come for me to get some bags from H. i will wait.

    i have a few home improvement projects on my list, i think i am going to take care of those first.

    at the mean time, i have a lot of bags to use already. i am in no rush to acquire H bag...

  6. thank you Amelie. make good choice on shopping feels good. wasting money makes me feel bad. :)

    have a great weekend

  7. Lovely, gorgeous scarf! How do you plan on wearing it? :D

  8. Happy Memorial Day Weeekend!Betsy,
    thanks for the comment for the new scarf. i have not thought about how i wear it... i think i will look for idea from MaiTai's look book.

    for sure, i dont want it to be a pure collective item...:)