Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Gift

the outfit i wore yesterday.

2010 Mother's Day gift: Hermes scarf- Les Dômes Célestes

i was going to order it from NM since i first saw it on their March The Book, but i was told it was sold out. so i ordered it from H website. the color looks a little different from NM catalogue, but i think they are the same scarf in person.

i could not remember what i got on mother's day last year, so i looked in my May 2009 pictures file. sure enough, this was what i got from last year mother's day. i guess H scarf becomes a mother's day tradition for me...

i got a few things last year from saks first cut sale, this Emili Pucci top was one of them. however, this year, i got nothing. i tried to order a few thing but canceled all of the orders at the end...


  1. HI Julia,

    First of all, Happy Mother's Day to you!!! I haven't been online for a while coz one of my maids went on a one-month vacation back to the Philippines since early April after I came back from Nanjing. Since I don't like cooking, my MIL has to come here everyday to do the cooking, and she stays here at home. That translate to "no freedom" for me...LOL!

    Anyway, congrats on your Les Domes Celestes!! We are actually semi-twins! I chose the white colorway for myself..bought it 2 months ago when it was out. This is really an interesting design. :D BTW, Les Domes Celestes has 2 kinds of blue colorway, one is lighter (07 colorway), and the other is a darker (04 colorway). I think NM's one is the darker one? Anyway, Hermes fall/winter scarves are coming out soon. Be on the lookout coz some are really nice! :D

    So many things to catch up! Let me read a bit more and comment...hehe!

    Enjoy your special weekend!


  2. *Envy* I don't get a Mother's Day pressie at all.

  3. Hi Mia,

    thank you!

    i just read Rachel's blog, and found out your maid is back and your MIL won't need to live at your home. what a relief.

    so does it mean we will see your pictures soon?

    the white Les Domes Celestes sounds great too. a good scarf for vacations in the summer time.

    your knowledge about things you love is super impressive. i got to ask you when i have question about chanel and hermes. so the colors are different! mine is a lighter color, which i like better actually. first, it is for spring/summer time, second, lighter color lift my skin tone, and makes me look fresher/younger. the other darker blue color is also nice. but i would choose between white and blue for myself. i guess that's why i did not order it right away when i first it saw it two month ago on The Book March.

    good to have you back! i missed our online communications about life and fashion.


  4. Hi Dreamloft,

    it's ok.... this is how i got my h scarf as my mother's day gift: show the picture of some scarf on H website to my son, and make sure he knows which ones mommy likes better than others... when he pointed the right one, i order it myself. then add a card in the package. on the card, i write: happy mother's day, mommy, love you, xxxxx(my son's name)

  5. Happy Mother's Day Julia, and congrats on your beautiful scarf. I can imagine the light blue being perfect on you! Just caught up with a few more posts, you always look fabulous, elegant and stylish :-)

  6. thank you MaiTai for a very nice comment.

    I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful. :)