Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Black Dress

the outfit i planned to wear on BIL's graduation ceremony.
before we headed out, i opted for a less formal black knit dress.

close up for the DKNY dress, belt, bag and necklace.

CL slingbacks


  1. I like your whole formal yet alluring look...but somehow the belt is just very .... dominated. (I don't know if this word even correct...)

    Maybe thinner one? (just a thought. :)))

    COngrats. to your BIL, I can't seem to remember when did I go to any graduation celebration.... I am even going to miss Niel's Kindergarten's graduation ... we are flying back to Taipei on 6/3...just girls!! :P

    Have a happy Wednesday!!

    oh, your son's Aunt is very pretty in that picture...I think she looks more attractive than the picture you posted way back in time....she looks pretty w/ a SMILE!!! :)

  2. Hi R.,

    thank you very much for the input. i agree the belt is little overwhelm on that outfit. i tried my other black MiuMiu belt, did not look too great. since there are many pleats on the dress, i somehow think the wider belt would be better fit. i do have a medium width belt...may work best with the dress.

    you sure you dont want to wait till Niel's graduation? but i understand you want to go back very much. because i feel the same about visiting home country.

    yeah, everyone look better with a big smile. :) we all worry a lot about things in life. i smile/laugh a lot more when i am with my son. otherwise, i am a serious kinda person. last time i saw a really genuine smile from my husband was when we talking about winning a lottery... lol.