Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Bag

my second RM bag, Mac clutch in almond tan, a yummy color that's good for all seasons.
it also can be worn as a cross-body bag. the leather on this clutch is better than my Beloved Mini.

i scored it on gilt.com, since i had $25 credit, i thought I'd used it before i totally forget about it.
i like purse that has chain/leather mixed strap. since it is a clutch, the chain/leather strap can be removed. it is quite roomy as a clutch. no wonder it is so popular.

these Sketchers Shape-ups are the result of  influence by one of my mommy friends. they are very comfortable and give me one extra inch height... i think i will like them. 


little B was helping daddy with gardening.


  1. Congrats on your bag! The color is really lovely!

    As for Skechers, I think it is important to have something that you can just slip in and feel comfortable. I have these Birkenstock (Gizeh, that is the name of the style) sandals which are really comfy. I wear them quite often, especially during school runs.
    Birkenstock does have many different styles, but I personally only like Gizeh style.

    Also, the A&F flip-flops that I bought 2 years ago are SO comfy. Wouldn't think in a million years that their flip-flops would be this good.

  2. thanks Mona,
    i wore my new Shape-up today. so very comfortable! i started to think shoes have something to do with your tiredness. i didn't feel tired after a running around day with my son, in these shoes!

    i think both Shape-ups and Birkenstock have arched middle. which gives a lot of support to one's back while walking...

    we need these not-fashionable shoes in our life. as much as i love heels. i love being comfortable as i am growing older.

    i also wore my new RM mac clutch. very roomy and nice indeed. i dont have to worry about mess from my son's dirty face and hands since it doesnt cost that much.