Thursday, October 28, 2010

B's 4 Halloween Looks

He had his very first Halloween when he was 45 days old.

His Nainai brought this lovely costume with her when she visited.

He was Boo-ed by daddy! hahaha...

at his second Halloween, he was a Dalmatian. We picked up this costume on the Halloween week - it was a last minute shopping. we were not happy about the quality and fit. but he looked really funny and cute in it. 

 he had loads of fun that Halloween. he fell in love with Halloween since then...

when this picture was taken, he had a candy in his mouth...

words can't describe what it feels like when i looked at these pictures.

on his 3rd Halloween, he was able to express his wish well and he told us he wanted to be a race car driver.

  He wanted to be Superman for a while. I found the last Superman suit in his size in the store. I think I was more thrilled than he was.  later that night, he told me sincerely, 'mommy you are my best friend'.


  1. thanks Linlin,
    so is MonMon. i like his cowboy costume a lot!

  2. Precious pictures, but most importantly precious memories!

    They grow up so fast!

  3. Yup they grow up too fast. i wish they don't. I feel very sad i can not have those moments any more.