Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvard Square: Octoberfest: People

We enjoyed a perfect day at Harvard Square on Sunday. I loved being in that environment for a change.

the sun was nice and warm. i did not need my red wool military style jacket for most of the time.

 it was a lot of fun for me and my friend people-watching. we share the same first name, we even ordered the same dishes at John Harvard restaurant later.

i enjoyed this band a lot. they were good! on top of being cool and sexy.

lil B had a lot of fun chasing pigeons... the world is a fascinating place through a curious little boy's eyes.

they both wore green vests that day. they are sooooo cute together. 

she was making African style head piece.

this cool dude was wearing a pink frame sunglasses. hah. people around there seems so carefree...i felt inspired.


  1. OMG Julia? I love your pictures and your outfit during that day. You look like a celebrity!
    Oh You and B. are always so stylish.

  2. awww Anna, such a lovely compliment. :D

    thank you thank you!

    have a nice weekend